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Make money finding old cars – how does that work?

If you are anything like me you certainly would be saying to yourself, Holy crap – if I find a cool old Muscle Car setting in a field/barn or yard you want it for yourself, right. Hell yes…

Now comes reality..  I only have a single car garage and there is already an old race car sitting in it. I have a few more cars setting down below my house and my wife hounds me every other day to get rid of them.

Sad reality is, if I did find an old Muscle Car setting in a field I could not buy it. no money, no time and no place to store it.

Now a days people are willing to pay for information so why not find some one who is willing to pay you for the location of the old car?

People who restore old cars as a business do it for many reason but one of them is to make money.

If these people are making money from finding these old cars then they are also willing to pay for this information.

That is what we do, broker the information to these people.

This way you get paid for the location of the car you find even if you are not the owner.

We get paid a very small fee to put the buyer in touch with you – the person who knows where the old rusty muscle car is setting.

It does not matter if the owner says the car is not for sale. That is between the owner and the person who pays you for the information.

We market this information to the people who restore high end muscle cars or rare old cars. These people are willing to pay for this information because it is a business for them, they need to keep finding these old cars and restoring them or they are out of business.

How much should you charge for this information?

Non exclusive rights should be something like $25.00 – you sell the info to everyone who wants it. You can sell the same info 10 or 20 times.

Exclusive information sale – you offer to sell the info to the first person who ask for it for $250 – to $500.00.

The last option is the info goes to the person who makes the highest offer – auction style.

If you want to offer info to the highest bidder then tell every one who contacts you that you will accept bids for the next 7 days ending at 12 midnight. The highest bid by then wins. Accept bids via email – emails are time stamped. If you do this be sure to also offer a very high “buy it now” price.

The info you offer should be the photos, the confirmed address of the car owner, the car owners phone number if possible and an assurance that yes, the car was observed to be still there by you checking to see it or you calling the owner to make sure.

Now, go out and find those old Muscle cars or old cars sitting around – take photos and get the info. Then we will help you market it to the right people.


UPDATE: We no longer broker muscle car location information as we have not found enough people willing to do this in order for us to make it a worth while enterprise. So, if you have this type of information and wish to sell it what should you do? Simple, Lets say you found a 1968 mustang fastback setting in a field.

Do a few google searches for a “restored 1968 mustang fastback for sale” and see what is for sale. if you find one for sale that is totally restored, I mean completely taken apart, every part rebuilt or replaced and finished off just as it came from the factory in perfect condition, contact the seller or read the ad and try to find out the company who restored this car.

That is the info you need, the restoration company. This typically will be run by some one who knows a lot of people in the car buying and selling industry and who will probably have or have access to MONEY. They will ether have it themselves or know lots of people who do have it and more importantly, these people are car buyers. When they find a car like this, they want to buy it.

The next step is to call them and tell them about the car you found. The very first question they will ask you is if the car is for sale, don’t BS these people, tell them yes or no, be up front. Tell them the information is being offered for sale, you are acting as a broker of this info. They will ether want to deal with you after learning this or not. Don’t be detoured if they don’t want to work with you, just call some one else and tell them about the car.

An option is to offer to act as a buyer for them and be paid a finders fee, if you can come across sounding intelligent the person will possibly be interested in this. Negotiate a fee to be paid to you if you are going to work on their behalf. Remember trust has to be built so work on this and build trust by being open and friendly. Remember, you are wasting your time if you negotiate an exclusive fee to work only with one buyer and end up getting paid 50 bucks.

Do not under value yourself, don’t offer any exclusive deals for less then 500 to 1000.00 if a purchase is made and remember, once you disclose the cars location you just lost all rights to any salable information you had, now they have it and they can sell it themselves so don’t give this info up or be talked out of it. tell the person you are talking to what state and town you live in and noting more until you are paid or have a contract agreeing to pay you.You should have some photos available that you snap of the car setting in place.

Do not make a word of mouth agreement with any one as this will result in your being paid nothing. Some one can offer to pay you if they buy the car, knowing full well that they never intend to buy it but broker the information to some one else, thus they owe you nothing but will still profit from the car being bought. That is your job, to profit when the car is bought.

Good hunting, and let me know if you find and successfully broker info on a car. I would like to publish the story with photos.